Thursday, October 10, 2013

Salesforce and Liferay Integration

Ideation Architecture using Salesforce and Liferay Integration

Customer Driven Innovation using Liferay and SFDC (CRM)

What is Ideation Architecture?
Engaging with customers online has been one of the most effective practices followed by organizations in the last few years. These interactive communications with customers, while being highly reliable, provide a huge opportunity for an organization to promote their strongholds. By identifying the right social channels, organizations can promote their technical knowhow and educate customers about their developments.

Comparing mod_proxy and mod_jk

Comparing mod_proxy and mod_jk


Apache 2.2 ships with advanced mod_proxy set of modules that have some of the mod_jk capabilities namely AJP protocol and integrated load balancer. 
AJP (Apache Jserv Protocol) with it's current version 1.3 is constant binary protocol. Constant means that the connection between web server and application server is presumed to stay open once established for the system lifetime. 
This in essence makes web server and application server a single system from the users point of view. 

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

SFTP connection using Java for remote file transfer

SFTP Connection using Java for remote file transfer

I had created one main class in java for reading a csv file from SFTP server to local system and then upload a csv file from local system to SFTP server using JSch Library.


  • Download Jsch library from here.
  • Download Java CSV library from here.